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LGBTQ+ Online is part of the ‘Surrey LGBTQ Pride CIC’ formerly known as Pride in Surrey. Starting life known as ‘/Not Alone’ the Pride in Surrey team worked hard to produce content that continued to celebrate, educate and connect the LGBTQ+ community and allies whilst also reminding everyone that they were not alone.

The commitment from the team at ‘Surrey LGBTQ Pride CIC’ is that this service will remain operational 365 days a year, producing content that will sit with our core values and enrich the lives of those within the community alongside its allies.

The LGBTQ+ community is one of hope and one of togetherness, we hope that one day, worldwide we’ll all be accepted and feel like we belong as who we want to be and that one day, attitudes towards the less celebrated parts of our community will change and be more celebratory of the intersectionality that exists among us.


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Whether have any content ideas / suggestions or simply want us to give you a shout out or play you a song on our weekly PROUD show please get in touch with the LGBTQ+ online team and they will come back to you as soon as possible. 

We are Surrey LGBTQ Pride CIC, we are Proud!